Quadrathlon Success

Posted 27/06/2019 : By: Mark Haysman

The Norfolk Superhero is a quadrathlon event held annually in June when the tides are right, at Burnham Overy Staithe on the beautiful North Norfolk coast.

Participants take part in teams of 2 over a course that includes a 1 mile swim, a 4 mile kayak through the creeks, a 45 mile circular cycle route and an 8 mile run across the beach finishing with the last mile over the marsh. Teams must stick together and help each other out although there is a good mix of competition on show as well.

One of the key trademarks of the Norfolk Superhero Challenge is the 'buddy system'. People take part in teams of 2, working together as a unit so they are able to monitor and help each other and share the success of completing the challenge with another person

Named after the village’s Hero Pub, the event has, over the years, grown from a small band of friends to a maximum of 200 competitors, all of whom raise money to support a Norfolk based charity every year.

TMO played a valuable role in ensuring the competitors crossed many busy road with no loss to their speed. All the athletes thanked the operatives on the way past and said "They felt very assured that they could continue with their race without having to stop and check for oncoming traffic"

We would like to thank the efforts of our team on site who ensured the smooth running of the event.