TMO Are Now Achilles Verified

Posted 06/06/2016 : By: Mark Haysman

I am really pleased to announce that TMO have recently achieved the Achilles UVBD Verify category B2 accreditation.

The accreditation is an enhanced pre-qualification scheme used by the utilities sector. UVDB makes it easier for companies in the sector to assess and manage their supply chain risks and ensure that best practices are adopted. The audit focuses on Quality, Environment, Health Safety within a business.

The audit is split into 2 days, the first day a review of procedures, policies and the culture within your company, the assessment covers HSEQ management systems and is completely evidence based. Day two is a review of site based procedures, and is a practical on site review operationally.

TMO has always pushed for continuous improvement, the scores across the two days is recognition for the effort everyone puts in to the company.

We are delighted to have achieved considerably higher than the industry average, day one a score of 97%, day two 100%, so a massive well done to everyone that has been involved. A special thanks to Lee and Sue at LHS Consulting Ltd, who have offered invaluable Health & Safety advise in the last twelve months, helping us to shape our 'Safety First Culture' and Dave Philips who has helped to build the robust quality management system at the heart of the business.

Our certificate is available on request.