60 New Nissen LZA500 Lights

Posted 05/06/2021 : By: Mark Haysman

TMO Highways are proud to announce the purchase and delivery of 60 new Nissen LZA500 Lights.

These cutting edge intelligent signals will help us meeting our customers growing demand on intelligent signals to replace the need for an operative on site to undertake manual control. The battery life in these signals is amazing and with TMO investing heavily in the latest charging technology and batteries we do not need to charge them for as long plus they give extra days on hire before the need to be changed. This is a huge environmental plus for the business, cutting down on energy use and also mileage to and from site to change these signal over.

Operations Director Ian Gray was quick to point out this is a massive win win for all involved. "This increase in our fleet of traffic signals cements our commitment to the ISO14001 scheme that we are currently working so hard to obtain. Not only will we see a decrease in our Carbon Footprint output per unit but also this will fee up more of our guys and means less journeys to site for the purpose of manning lights. We have listened to what our customers want and delivered"

TMO Highways Ltd has its ISO14001 & ISO45001 assessment in August 2021.