Lifesaving Defibs Purchased

Posted 21/06/2021 : By: Mark Haysman

Over the past few weeks there have been a couple of high profile events which have brought the topic of defibrillators into the public eye. Firstly there was the shocking scenes of former Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Christian Eriksen needing urgent attention in Denmark's Euro 2020 opener in which the use of a defib saved his life, then there was also the crazing images of two youths vandalising a defib at Buxted FC in East Sussex. These scenes were not the trigger for our discussions regarding the purchase of Defibs as they had already started prior but they certainly brought the topic up the agenda a lot sooner than prior to these events.

With the above in mind we are extremely happy to say that we have purchased 4x defibs to be located at all of our sites within TMO Highways, that being our Head Office, Eye Depot, Witham Depot and Wisbech Depot. The G5 AED can deliver a shock within 10 seconds and talks the operators through the entire process. It's simply a case of lifting the lid, removing the pads, peel them off and firmly place them on the patient as instructed, the G5 then analyses the patient and delivers the shock. It also helps instruct on how to deliver effective CPR.

SHEQ Manager Ben Green was quick to praise the owners decision to purchase the G5's. "The Directors were in full support of the purchase and with thanks to our provider Andrew Deptford from we were soon in possession of these lifesaving pieces of equipment. Having lost football team mate at Redgrave Football Club a number of years ago due to cardiac arrest it's quite a proud moment to see more and more businesses and sports clubs pushing to get their hands on Defibs. They are easy to use and need no training, in an ideal world we will never had to use them but it's reassuring to know if the worst did happen that we could give the patient the best chances of survival"