Quality Policy

Quality Policy Statement

TMO Traffic Highways Ltd, are a traffic management specialist; we provide numerous and complete solutions for the safe and efficient installation of temporary traffic control systems. We provide equipment, site surveys, risk assessments completed by experienced surveyors, safe installation, liaison with local authorities, site maintenance and de-installation after works are completed.

Our senior management recognise that the disciplines of quality, health & safety and environmental management are an integral part and driving force in the success of our business. The company view these criteria as a primary responsibility and intend to fully involve all staff in meeting its objectives in these areas.

We have established this quality policy to be consistent and aligned with the purpose and context of our business. It provides a framework for the setting and review of objectives in addition to our commitment to satisfy applicable customers’, regulatory and legislative requirements. It is also our intention to continually improve the management system.

We also intend to:

· Comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

· Manage all risks to the business to an appropriate and acceptable level.

· Adopt a process approach to achieve our desired business result.

· Communicate our objectives, targets and performance against these objectives throughout the company.

· Ensure our business activities are safe for employees, associates, subcontractors and others affected by our work.

· Work closely with customers and suppliers to establish the appropriate quality standards through mutually beneficial relationships.

· Ensure all staff are sufficiently competence in their roles.

It is also our aim, with the full involvement of all staff to meet or exceed the expectations of our interested parties. This reflects our commitment to the use of a documented quality management system, based on the International Management Systems Standard, ISO 9001.

This policy is available to all interested parties publicly and is published & communicated internally to all staff.


Name: Mark Haysman

Title: Commercial, Business and Safety Director

Date: 1st December 2021