Darren Bailey

Darren has been with TMO Highways from its very first day. His keen attention to detail and likeable personality has naturally led him into the auditing role here. Darren goes out and checks our guys to ensure they are setting the works out to the high standards that TMO Highways expects.

The biggest credit to Darren is that when he arrives on site the guys actually welcome his feedback, the deliverance is motivational which gets an instant buy in from our Operatives. Through Darren's hard work we can promise our clients top class service on site, which not only complies with the Red Book but also ensures our guys go the extra mile to ensure the works are completed as efficiently as possible with any traffic delays kept to an absolute minimum.

Outside of work Darren is a huge NFL Fan and supports his beloved San Francisco 49ers week in week out. Darren's love of American Football was not always as an arm chair supporter, he was one of the UK's finest Quarterbacks during the Late 1990s and Early 2000s. He won the National Championship with the Norwich Devils twice during his career and was voted Most Valuable Player twice also.

Darren is one of TMO Highways four mental health first aiders.


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