TMO Highways Achieve ISO14001 & ISO45001 Status

Posted 05/11/2021 : By: Mark Haysman

It's a proud day here at TMO Highways.

Today we received our ISO14001 (Environmental) & ISO45001 (Health & Safety) certificates, this has come about after 12 months hard work from our HSEQ team. Both certifications have long been a wish for TMO but having the time and expertise to do them always kept us from fully going for them. 18 months ago TMO took the decision to impliment a full time HSEQ Manager who was tasked with gaining the much sought after certificates. 6 months later we welcomed Colin and Rob Browne as ISO consultants who hit the ground running. In April 2021 we were in a position to undertake our stage one assessment and August 2021 saw us pass stage 2. Fast forward to November and our new certificates have now arrived so we can officialy call ourselves an ISO14001 & ISO45001 accredited company.

During that period TMO have implemented a number of changes;

Environmentally -

TMO now have recycling schemes in all depots and officers for paper, cardboard, tins and plastic.

TMO Depots now recycle all cone flutes and cone bases as well as plastic quick fit frames.

TMO now only purchase cones made from recyclable materials.

TMO have reduced van idling by over 20% in the first 6 months of monitoring it.

TMO now recycle all old computer equipment.

Health & Safety Wise

TMO now run a compensatory rest hours scheme for staff working long hours

TMO all staff have 2 days off in a 2 day period

TMO premises are safety checked weekly and audited monthly

TMO have undertaken over 150 audits in 2021

TMO have drugs tested all staff in a 12 month period

Display Screen Evaluations have been undertaken on all staff in a 12 month period

TMO have launched a re-induction scheme on a 12 month rolling program

TMO have launched a Health & Safety Sub Committee - elected by all members of staff

TMO have trained 4 mental health first aiders

TMO have launched a QR card for reporting of near misses which has seen an increase 10 fold in reporting

TMO have a Level 6 in Applied Health & Safety employee now.

We continue to strive to push ourselves and better our performance across all areas of the business.