Traffic Management

TMO Highways offers a single point for all Traffic / Pedestrian Management Services. Safety First is our guarantee.

As a company we are certified under the recognized National Highway Sector Scheme for 12A,B & D traffic management. Allowing us to work on both rural, urbanized or high speed roads including dual carriageways and motorways. Traffic management is just one part of our service portfolio, however forms a large percentage of our overall business, we also specialize in all forms of event and pedestrian management, signage manufacture and consultancy to highway projects.

Our safety standard is well recognized within our industry, fully SSIP accredited under Alcumus Safecontractor accreditation. We are Constructionline Gold Standard & Achilles B2 Accredited.

As a business we have invested in the latest temporary traffic signal equipment because reliability and trust are two keys to our success. Alongside our ability to combine safety first and assist our clients to control of costs on a commercial basis. For this reason we retain 99% of our client base year on year with sustainable growth centered around the growth of our clients.

We have the infrastructure in place to be able to react to both planned and emergency works, we have existing contracts in place supporting the utilities, telecom & highways industries.

KPI targets are a way of life and we set our own, we continually review and update our clients on our performance.

Our business hub operates 24hrs a day, 365 days of the year. So we are always available day or night and reassurance, support is only a phone call away.

Our sites are audited, to ensure they comply with the New Roads And Street Work's Act 1991 and all health and safety legislation.

Our team of field operatives are experienced, competent and qualified by Lantra, We invest in the long term development of our people, to allow both our support and field operatives to reach their full potential.

We are running a trainee program, bringing the future of the business through from grass roots. This includes mentored development and a structured training program to gain Lantra & CITB qualifications.

Detailed below are the full range of traffic management services available this includes urban 12D, or high speed 12A,B:

  • Consultation - (Site survey & traffic management proposal) this is available for schemes of any type.
  • Design - (CAD design) this is available for schemes of any type, complexity or value.
  • Planning - (Liaising with local authority, stakeholders, taking an active role in the project management)

  • Stop/Go - (Use of stop/go boards, manual or remotely operated) this is available on speeds of road not exceeding 60mph where adequate visibility and lighting is available. Site length for single operated board is a maximum of 20m, remotely operated 200m & manual controlled up to 500m.
  • Give & Take - (Utilization of a give take system and equipment) this is available on roads up to 30mph.
  • Temporary Traffic Signals - (Installation of temporary lights, includes 2 way or multi phase installation) Available for any speed of road up to 60mph. A maximum site length of 300m.
  • Temporary Pedestrian Crossing - (Installation of temporary crossing, to assist pedestrians to have a safe passage within the traffic management)
  • Urban Traffic Control - (installation of the latest UTC controller) full details available on request.
  • Road Closure Diversion - (Installation of road closures and subsequent diversion route for vehicles) available for any speed of road, inclusive of high speed dual carriageway and motorways.
  • Convoy Working - (Installation of a speed controlled convoy system through site) available for specific speed of roads.
  • Manufacture of Advance Warning Signage - (Signage manufactured from our in house department, can include digitally printed logo's) available for all classification of roads.
  • Bespoke signage - (Signage manufacture of bespoke signage, size of the sign to reflect lettering X height and the speed of the road) Options of reflective available.
  • Footway Closure - (Installation of a footway closure and subsequent diversion route for pedestrians.
  • Urban Lane Closure - (Installation of lane closure on a rural road) available for speed limits not exceeding 40mph.
  • Pedestrian Management - (Installation of a pedestrian control measure, including pedestrian walkway)
  • Letter Drop - (Notification for persons/business affected by traffic management)
  • Traffic Count - (supply of traffic count and report) available for all classifications of road.
  • Narrow lanes - (Installation of traffic management for the narrowing of a road) available for all classification of roads.
  • High Speed Lane Closure 12A,B - (Installation of lane closure(s) on a dual carriageway or motorway) available for dual carriageways with a speed limit of 50mph or above.
  • Contraflow & Tidal Flow - (Installation of specialized traffic management)
  • Vehicle Messaging System - (Installation of an electronic signage, lettering can be changed remotely) available in a number of sizes.

Should you have any questions or require further information regarding any of the above services then please contact our office on 01379 676462. Or complete our callback or quote request form.